Wireless Media Presentation

Cast from your device

Connecting personal devices to in-room display systems has always been challenging. Corded connectors can be unwieldy or obtrusive, are prone to disappearance, and may require a specific dongle to properly connect to displays or sound systems. When these components get "borrowed", progress and projects get stopped unnecessarily. If you do not have the right cables an adapters, your presentation could be stopped dead in its tracks. Wireless Media Presentation streamlines the connection you need to your systems and eliminates the hassles to free you to concentrate on your presentation.

Free yourself from wires

No longer will you be tethered to an HDMI cable at a podium or wall plate; wireless projection allows you to project from anywhere in the room. Compatible with laptops, tablets, and smart phones, wireless casting adds great flexibility to your system.

Best of both worlds

Wireless presentations work best with still images, slideshows, and screen sharing. When you need to display high-resolution full screen motion video, a traditional wired HDMI cable is still the best way to connect. All of our wireless solutions can include a wired connection for when the need arises, or an in-room computer for unified communication software.

Enhanced capabilities

Advanced wireless solutions offer capabilities way beyond simply replacing an HDMI cable. Wireless collaboration products will enable multiple students to project multiple displays simultaneously, greatly lowering the cost of Active Learning-type classrooms. Interactive whiteboards allow for touch controls and, with built-in casting, hosting of digital whiteboarding sessions without the need to connect HDMI and USB cables.

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