Video Management Systems

Helping you keep an eye on your world

Security cameras have become an integral part of physical security; allowing for 24/7 monitoring of your facilities, clients, and staff. However, to be effective they must be positioned correctly to provide the critical coverage you need. Factors such as field of view, pixels on target, and lighting all need to be considered to ensure that a system meets your requirements. In many circumstances, cameras may be present, but without the proper engineering and consideration to what you are attempting to secure, the footage often does not provide the images needed to identify and track a threat. Shanix Technology has the experience and expertise to understand the variables that dictate how a system should be designed and ensure that a solution meets your needs.

Record and save important footage on site or in the cloud

Network video recorders and encoders (NVRs) compress and store IP video. Access to the video management system records can be assigned by role. With cloud-based VMS, your security footage is always at your fingertips, even if you have multiple locations or are frequently off-site. Shanix works only with products that fully comply to National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) standards.

Intelligent Analytics

Advanced video analytics provide you the ability to not only record video and observe in real time, but also focus attention on what matters most. Analytics can be used to search for individuals based upon appearance, read license plates, monitor temperatures or occupancy, recognize unusual movement or changes in traffic flow, and even detect noncompliance to masking or social distancing policies. Analytics engines are constantly advancing and in some cases self-learning, providing you the ability to secure your facility and protect your staff and clients with less dependence on live video monitoring.


Multi-sensor and Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras allow you to see up to 360°; and using features such as tracking, multi-sensor cameras provide a broad view of the area. Based upon triggers from either access control or other system-based events, you can track targets with PTZ cameras. This again allows you to have the best possible imaging of possible threats, with minimal intervention needed by staff. The integration of camera, intrusion, and access systems allows you to control and trigger video based on various events.

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