Video Intercoms

View, converse with, and permit entry to visitors at the door from your desk

With humble origins as "speaking tubes" run within walls of homes—for those inside the house to communicate with visitors at the door, or between rooms within the house—intercoms can now provide standalone two-way video communication. Increasingly found in school security systems, apartment complexes, and hospital wings; video door stations and wall- or desktop-mounted receivers allow users to control access into any area.

Standalone systems always at the ready

Clear images from outside and two-way voice communication, protected by a vandal-proof casing, ensures that the safety of those inside is maintained. Two-way voice or video intercoms provide a simple, instantaneous communication system within a building or complex to increase efficiency among departments or coworkers.

Access control integration

Not only do video intercoms allow occupants to identify those at the door, but can also be connected to electrified lock hardware and access control systems. Readers for proximity cards or NFC-enabled mobile phones, or even keypads can be installed to control access by building occupants. Shanix works only with products that fully comply to National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) standards.

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