Video Conferencing

Integration and Collaboration

Every facility needs an area for video conferencing. The tech-driven future is now, as we have seen how companies can have widespread remote working. The need for collaboration and communication has not changed, and face-to-face communication while remaining distant is easily achievable with video conferencing. Shanix works only with products that fully comply to National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) standards. This ensures that your video calls are not only easy, but secure.


With huddle rooms turning into offices, conference rooms turning into huddle rooms, and auditoriums turning into classrooms, we are seeing changes in the size of things to come. As remote meeting and distance learning become more prominent, outfitting areas with video conferencing hardware and software becomes more important. Call Shanix to design a system that fits your space.

Unified Communications

Rooms installed with the right hardware can transform not only your space but your usage. Unified communications platforms hosted on in-room software or with your connected mobile device allow you to fully utilize the potential of the individual systems. Integrating your video conferencing space with server-based software creates an easy flow of information, reduces setup time, and gives your organization a single platform for engagement.

Incorporate Visual Media

Integration with lecture capture software creates a space that can do twice as much. Whiteboard capture and projection, or interactive panels allow not just instructors to provide visual elements to lectures, but also allow collaborators to actively share ideas or write down notes.

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