Unified Communications

Not just staying connected, but making connections

Communication is the framework of every organization. Unified communication platforms allow your members to access multiple systems on multiple devices with a single account login. It does not consolidate the large number of communication points we all use, but it does make it easy to access these programs from multiple pathways; bringing together conferencing technologies, messaging, telephony, and file sharing with unified communication systems.

The call is coming from inside the conference room

Share files and information easily and quickly with a unified login system that allows you to access your data from a personal computer, cell phone, tablet, or smart room. Integrating your video conferencing space with server-based software creates an easy flow of information, reduces setup time, and gives your organization a single platform for engagement.

No more "missed messages"

Prospective clients prefer to call the company phone line when trying to get in contact with an individual employee. As more employees are working remotely, fewer are at their desks to receive important phone calls. With a unified communication system, as soon as the IP phone system receives a call, that call can be forwarded to the recipient's cell phone. In the case of voicemail, that voicemail is sent to the recipient's email, where the recipient is immediately notified.

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