Sound Systems

Specific designs for your sound space

While a sound system may seem to have a simple solution ("just get two big speakers"), proper sound design can truly transform a room. Size, shape, and even room construction materials need to be taken into consideration when designing a system that will be used to present and record amplified sound. As we look to the future of gatherings both social and professional, we need to navigate the balance between safety and clarity. When conferences and panel discussions resume, we need to be prepared for lecturers and presenters wearing masks and the subsequent requirement for a different style of audio amplification.

Voice Enhancement

Large rooms make it difficult to hear, which causes strain on both the presenter and the listeners. In-room amplification uses microphones and speakers to amplify the voice of a presenter so that their words are clearly audible from any point in the room. The acoustics of each room are different, due to the shape and construction materials, so each room needs its own calibration and treatments. Shanix will provide expert analysis to ensure that all your attendees can fully participate.

Lecture Capture and Live Streaming

The prevalence of lecture capture has been on the rise over the past several years, especially now as the world turns to focus on distance learning and reduced class sizes. Those early adopters are now also capable of live streaming with the same devices. While the recording and publishing of class lectures cannot fully replace traditional in-class interaction, it does provide excellent supplementary material for study or as a prerequisite for participating in class discussions.

Safety and Sound

With mask-wearing becoming standard practice in public, one of the top complaints is the difficulties of both hearing and being heard while speaking. This problem is compounded in lecture halls and as we socially distance in larger rooms. A sound system designed for video conferencing turns the entire room into a speakerphone that will let people speak at a comfortable volume and automatically compensates for differences in volume.

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