Scheduling Systems

Organize and succeed

The greatest advantage of a good scheduling software is its adaptability. Organizations of all sizes need to keep track of many variables, especially as virtual participation becomes more and more prominent. Integration with email services or account-based virtual calendars allow organizations to keep track of time spent on meetings, projects, and administrative tasks—even when participants do not have schedules or even time zones in common.

Room reservations made easy

Small study groups, lecture captures, club and team events, administrative meetings; all need to be scheduled in order to keep an organization moving. Easily see what rooms are available when you need them and confirm reservations, to reduce disputes on space or last-minute relocations. Limit reservation times, meeting length, group sizes, and more during initial setup, and adjust quickly and easily as things change throughout the year.

Automated room monitoring

Avoid scheduling conflicts with integrated digital signage for meeting room reservations. Use your organizational calendar to set aside time in specific rooms, or limit the length of use. Occupancy sensors can monitor the room usage and indicate whether the room has been abandoned or is occupied without requiring monitoring by an employee.

Bell schedule software

Combined with paging systems or digital displays, provide cues to perform system checks, move rooms, or change subjects. Simple user interface allows for cancelling or changing schedules on holidays, weekends, or professional days. Further integration with mass notification system can mute or override the scheduled bells in the event of a lockdown or evacuation.

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