Paging and PA Systems

Building-wide alerts ensure your message is heard and seen

Paging systems provide primarily one-way and limited two-way communication throughout a facility; typically used for making announcements or providing background music to common areas. Paging systems are most advantageous in areas where employees may not be close to a phone or have reliable cell reception in order to answer a direct call. A paging system is typically hardwired into a building's structure, and can be used to convey the same message to all areas or to specific sections. Paging systems are not limited to auditory announcements, and Shanix can incorporate visual and text notifications with integrated digital displays or scrolling messages on LED displays.

Hope for the best but prepare for the worst

In today's schools, paging systems not only tell students about the day's events or when to change classes or go to an office, but also tell them when they need to shelter in place. In an active shooter situation, clear and immediate communication is key. Teachers and students need to know not to leave their classroom, and administration need to be able to locate the threat. Classroom buttons that have emergency call settings—and that alert admin that no "safe" response has been provided—allow teachers to silently communicate back to the paging office.

Indoor and outdoor applications

Paging systems are not limited to buildings. At beaches, in amusement parks, and on school campuses, critical auditory announcements must be heard over both crowds and distance. Whether the alert is for a lost child, impending weather events, or an emergency situation, make sure your community will get the message.

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