Intrusion Detection Systems

Intrusion detection systems provide peace of mind

An intelligent approach to preventing problems, intrusion detection systems are worth a pound of cure. From activating lighting to alerting law enforcement, real-time alerts mean real-time response. When someone does attempt to access restricted areas, tamper and forced entry alarms alert organizational security or law enforcement. Propped door alarms alert security that a door is unsecured and should be checked. Panic and lockdown buttons and medical help buttons alert the appropriate response team.

Alarm notifications

Panic and lockdown buttons used in intrusion systems, when combined with mass notification systems, can be automated to send out alerts with proper instructions both to response teams and to bystanders. Both auditory and visual messages or color-coded strobes can be used to clarify evacuation or shelter-in-place instructions for fire, weather, or resolution of emergencies.

Detect unusual activity

Motion-activated silent alarms call security or law enforcement without alerting the perpetrator, or flood lights can deter those with nefarious intentions. Connected with video management systems, recordings can be tagged for reference or alert specific users to watch the area in real-time.


Dispatchers or patrols can have a view on site before law enforcement arrives by integrating your intrusion system with video surveillance. Linked alarms for propped or forced doors from your access control system will keep your facilities safe from intruders and provide a unified event database. Link events from intrusion systems to access control history. For multiple facilities, enterprise solutions consolidate events and reports as needed, to create a complete picture throughout all areas.

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