Integrated Security Systems

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Many companies today sell a direct-to-consumer, cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all security system. While these offer some savings in the short-term, the user loses the advantages of a security system that has their best interests in mind. Unusual building features, shape, size, and different occupancies need to be taken into consideration when designing security systems. Rather than having each aspect of your security controlled by separate programs, let Shanix create a unified security system integrating access control, intrusion detection, and video. Put event linking, automation, and increased intelligence to work for you. Create the perfect system of interoperability that connects door monitoring to both the video surveillance system and the access control system. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that the parts of a Shanix system fit together, with periodic preventative maintenance visits to keep your system healthy and identify potential problems before they occur.

Access Control

Automate cues for security when access by credential is attempted and denied; and follow a targeted individual with camera analytics after an incident. Create unified reports, simplified by coming from one source rather than individual systems.

Intelligent Video Management

Analytics features such as unusual motion detection and appearance search alleviate the need for constant human monitoring of incident footage from dozens of cameras for hundreds of hours. With a unified and easy-to-navigate graphic user interface, personnel become more efficient at seeing and responding to incidents. Central management of all systems creates a safer facility or campus. Integration of multiple systems allows for a unified front against accidents, vandalism, and intrusion. Whether you intend to expand or change location, Shanix will provide the upgrades you need to secure your present and future plans. We work with you to ensure that you exceed industry standards and best practices regarding security, video management, and audiovisual installations.

Multilevel security

All systems are secured with administrative login and passwords to protect footage, records of access granted and revoked, or personal details that could be tied to a cardholder's identity. Unified or separately, access control, intrusion detection, and security recordings can be partitioned out and monitored by selectively assigned individuals. Shanix works only with products that fully comply to National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) standards.

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