Digital Displays

Provide brilliant, high-resolution imagery that will captivate audiences

Digital displays, once only seen in high-budget venues like professional sports stadiums and fancy high rise conference buildings, have become standard for all industries. Today all kinds of public spaces, from shopping centers to corporate hubs, have digital signage in some size or form. Ranging from small display panels, to interactive touchscreens, to massive video walls. Walking around your community, you can easily find these and many more. From communicating across a large enterprise to showcasing the newest product at a single retail location, digital signage makes it easy to visually communicate your message and engage audiences.

Interactive Education

As educational research advances, new focus on active learning is replacing the passive, one-way style of lectures to large groups. Interactive displays can be wall-mounted or integrated into a table surface for collaborative learning and working communally. All ages benefit from hands-on engagement with the learning materials, either physically or virtually. These dynamic learning environments establish tangible connections and reinforce important concepts.

Eye-Catching Video Walls

Create stunning displays of information and art that transport your facility into the future. Engineered to fit your function, video walls can be used to display one large unified image or multiple streams of video, infographics, or overlaid text. Shanix will provide hardware and software that is easy to use and maintain, so that you can make on-the-fly adjustments whenever needed.

Dynamic Signage

Provide fresh new imaging in seconds. Interactive area maps guide you to where you want to go. No barriers to updating posters when dates or schedules change. A digital display allows you to provide up-to-the-minute information about what's hip and happening.

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