Control Systems

Unified Controls

Gone are the days of separate remotes and knobs for each mixer, speaker, display panel, and even thermostat. Unify all available controls in your facility with room control panels. Integrate room cameras or motion sensors to keep track of occupancy. Allow employees to connect to screens and speakers from their own devices or with system-wide logins. Shanix will provide the best system setup for your needs.
Example of a huddle room screen

Placement designed for you

Accommodating the designs of your space is simple with multiple options available. Modules can be wall-mounted near the door or next to the screen, incorporated to a digital display or signage outside of the room, or integrated into a table or podium. Because sytems are wholly encapsulated in a room, expansion to new rooms or by adding new systems is limitless.

Control from your mobile device

To answer the growing desire to go low- to no-contact with common surfaces, there are quire a few options. Voice commands can cause disruptions during presentations or calls, and gesture controls are not always intuitive. Controlling room systems with personal devices can be fast and easy, with passcode and connection-secured protocols.

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