Access Control Systems

Protect and grant access with a few simple steps

Secure and track access to your facility across single locations or multiple campuses. Access control credentials—components such as common PIN codes, individual ID cards, or even biometrics such as handprint and iris scanning—provide a multitude of formats to keep your areas secure. It is important know when and to whom access is granted or denied, and when they leave. Systems provide the ability to restrict personnel and visitors based upon the areas they need to access. Ensure that sensitive areas are protected and that you have control over the areas individuals are allowed to access. Access control not only allows you the flexibility of creating separate areas but separate schedules as well. Not only does a well-installed access control system provide real-time facility security, but also allows for advanced auditing to view reports based on user, access portals, credentials, times, and many more variables. Instead of having numerous keys for numerous doors, assign individual access parameters to certain areas or within business or shift-work hours.

Tailored for your usage

Whether your users prefer contactless key fobs, photo ID cards, or phone apps, Shanix can integrate your needs into your security plan. We can build dedicated workstations or provide cloud-based software that allows you to change parameters whenever and wherever you need.

Multilevel security

All systems are secured with administrative login and passwords, to protect credential management and sensitive information. Automated controls provide records of access granted or attempted, to alert facilities management and security personnel of building occupancy or potential problems. Shanix works only with products that fully comply to National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) standards.

Real-time management

Allow your facilities management and security personnel to be everywhere at once. Provide instantaneous schedule and permission changes with live notifications of admittance, access denial, propped doors, and forced entry.

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