Joint Force Headquarters – Rhode Island National Guard

Supporting Rhode Island National Guard to be "Always Ready, Always There"

In 2019, Shanix began the installation of a multi-component system in the new headquarters for the Rhode Island National Guard. This consisted of conference rooms, training rooms, an auditorium, and a Joint Operations Committee command center.

Each conference or training room was equipped with large digital displays coordinated by Crestron HD-MD4x1 HDMI switches. Logitech Meetup cameras were selectively installed to allow for video and audio conferencing. Digital media transmitters and receivers allow for laptop connectivity for briefings an collaborative work. Control functions for the large conference rooms are routed through Extron MLC PLUS 100 panels.

The auditorium focuses on a Da-Lite projector screen, which the Crestron DM-MD8x8 matrix coordinates with the four 65" Sharp displays mounted on the adjacent walls. Multiple transmitters allow for device connectivity throughout the auditorium. Shure handheld microphones combined with Shure fin antennae provide sound reinforcement through the ceiling-mounted Crestron Saros IC6T two-way speakers and allow for better balance among all seats.

In the Joint Operations Committee command center, Shanix installed the latest NVX system from Crestron. This point-to-point systems allows for better rendering of video and sound, while integrating with the Crestron touch panels installed throughout the room, making media display as simple as possible.

"I highly recommend Shanix Technology, Inc. Their level of knowledge, expertise, professionalism, and communication were, and continue to be, exceptional."

LTC Russ DeGraw | Rhode Island Army National Guard


  • Crestron media controls allow for high-resolution video and audio presentations
  • Logitech Meetup cameras support secure audio and video conferencing
  • Shure fin and handheld microphones coordinate sound distribution throughout the large auditorium

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