Housing Security Cameras – University of Rhode Island

University of Rhode Island Campus Safety with Video Analytics

Shanix has been working with the University of Rhode Island for many years, through dozens of projects on their multiple campuses. In 2019, Shanix was selected to implement a new campus-wide camera system for the office of Housing and Residential Life.

Shanix programmed and installed over 350 Avigilon cameras throughout twenty-two of URI's residential buildings. Each of these cameras includes self-learning video analytics, which allows the system to develop pattern recognition such as times of day that students are likely to be in common areas or outside of buildings.

By adding multi-sensor cameras to building exteriors wide angle domes on interiors, student residents can feel safer moving around campus. security and administrative staff can feel more secure knowing that the new camera systems analytics provide extra alerts for unusual activity, such as individuals loitering around entrances, notifying security to patrol in-person.

This project also included the installation of a new structured cabling system to support the new cameras and increase the capacity of the WiFi within the dorms. Not only is this a quality-of-life improvement for students, but also ensures a stable connection for the analytics and alerts sent by the camera systems.

Shanix and their technicians have shown the versatility to work on projects of differing scope, guided by different design principles and within different project structures and still achieve great results. It is for these reasons that I recommend them without reservation and would be happy to answer any questions about their abilities.

Dr. Jeffrey Plouffe | Head of Housing and Residential Life


  • Unified network of cameras throughout dormitory buildings gives security a campus-wide view
  • High-resolution multi-sensor and wide-angle cameras allow for greater coverage when playback is needed
  • Visible cameras in common areas such as lobbies and laundry rooms prevents vandalism and helps residents feel safer

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