Eden Park Pathfinder Project – Cranston Public School District

Midcentury Elementary school now a futuristic learning environment

In 2019, Shanix had the opportunity to work with the Cranston Public Schools Department and Felding Nair on futuristic and inclusive educational innovation at Eden Park Elementary. The Pathfinder Project is the first in a series of infrastructure advancements with the goal of developing a learning community within Cranston's elementary schools. Cooperative education and co-teaching allow students to develop their own best learning methods and give educators a greater opportunity to develop strategies to help young minds grasp concepts beyond rote memorization.

In addition to comfortable furniture and sensory rooms to encourage students' movement and interaction with challenging material, the project included integration of interactive boards in common spaces and mounted on mobile carts for classroom use. Throughout the building, an updated Atlas IPX PA system with LED screens can display the time, announcements, or emergency alerts. A medium-sized video wall at the entrance of the building informs parents of upcoming events and student achievements.

Updates to each of the five "learning studios" included the installation of speakers with wireless microphone connection for voice lift, Epson projectors with Extron wall-mounted panels and HDMI connections assisting with device routing. Similar updates were provided to the teachers' room, enabling better planning and communication regarding lessons and student needs. Throughout the building, an in-floor loop allows for better accommodation for students, teachers, or parents who rely on hearing aids.

“When learning is no longer tied down by physical and imaginary walls, the opportunities are endless... What I see happening at Eden Park is nothing short of magic.”

Courtney Sevigny, Eden Park Principal


  • Cleartouch interactive displays connect with teacher and student devices for presentations, project-based learning, and occasional entertainment
  • Digital signage at entrance to keep school community informed of upcoming events and latest news
  • Wall-mounted Atlas IPX series in every classroom and common area provide immediate notifications or instructions

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