Traffic and Transportation

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Wireless Networks
Maintaining a usable wireless internet connection on a large campus is possible with point‑to‑multipoint mesh networks such as FluidMesh, designed specifically for providing a singular connection on high-speed train systems. This provides a network connection for intrusion detection in remote areas or stations; specifically, the ability to integrate motion sensors, door position switches, and glass break or noise sensors. Areas containing sensitive machinery can be monitored to ensure that they are operating within system limits for factors such as moisture, temperature, and particulate. In the event of one of those alarms going off, security detail can view live feeds to ensure the area is safe before going in to make any adjustments.

Integrated Systems
Unified interfacing between CCTV, access control, and intrusion systems provide an additional layer of protection to facilities and critical areas. Monitoring critical infrastructure with video analytics, such as perimeter detection, maximizes personnel resources by reducing the number of patrol walks needed. In the case of debris on tracks or interference with remote buildings, analytics expedite emergency response times. Crowd management, pedestrian traffic volume and direction, and vehicle monitoring are made easier with alerts for unusual changes. Surveillance in parking lots and outside of buildings also ensure a high level of safety and policy enforcement for people and facilities.

Access control
By incorporating access control to parking lots and garages, allow staff or prepaid customers to bypass the usual pay-by-the-hour or pay-per-ride ticketing systems. Scheduling software integrated with access control ensures that only scheduled and approved employees are allowed to "badge in" before their shift and confirm that they are no longer on premises by "badging out".

Scheduling software and digital displays combine to keep travelers informed on arrivals, departures, and delays. Paging and alert systems allow for audible and visual notifications, informational broadcasts, or directions during emergency situations.

Products for Transportation Industries

Integrated Security Systems Large Icon

Integrated Security Systems

Specifically designed around your needs, with detailed precision geared toward long-term usability. Combining access control, intrusion detection, and video recording and analytics to create the optimal system for your facility.

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Digital Displays

From interactive flat panels to projectors and massive video walls, digital displays are essential for today's business, education, and entertainment.

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Control Systems

Turn down the volume or draw up the window shades with room control systems. Unify all available controls in your facility with room control panels, the brains that simplify the operation of a complicated audiovisual system.

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Paging and PA Systems

Paging systems provide primarily one-way and limited two-way communication throughout a facility, typically used for making announcements or providing background music to common areas. One-way communications are most advantageous in areas where employees may not be able to answer a direct call.

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Sound Systems

The ability to be heard is more important than ever. From in-room amplification for lectures to video conferencing around the world, investing in a properly-designed sound system brings your facility into the twenty-first century.

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Mass Notification Systems

From inclement-weather cancellations to chemical leaks; every organization should have not only a system in place to deal with the change, but also a system in place to communicate what needs to be done and by whom.

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