Large Venues

Conferences and conversations with the right integrations

Creating a space large enough for informational presentations or theatrical performances depends on the details. Auditoriums, lecture halls, and ballrooms all require a multitude of considerations. Microphones and projectors require mixing stations for synchronization and fine-tuning. Clear paths and sightlines as well as assistive listening devices—as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act—provide an inclusive space for all attendees and presenters.

Integrated Systems
Scheduling software allows for better planning of events based on requirements for equipment and attendance, while integrated digital signage helps to direct traffic the day of the event. Control systems allow for presenters to direct lighting and media from a podium, or to make quick adjustments to volume. In special circumstances, video conferencing in large venues is made easier with voice lift technology, allowing participants to be heard throughout audience seating.

Shanix has the attention to detail you need in furnishing or refurbishing your large space, to give you the right equipment. We work with you to create an amazing assembly hall for a wide variety of activities, or specific space for a very particular set of skills.

Products for Large Venues

Control Systems Large Icon

Control Systems

Turn down the volume or draw up the window shades with room control systems. Unify all available controls in your facility with room control panels, the brains that simplify the operation of a complicated audiovisual system.

Wireless Media Presentation Large Icon

Wireless Media Presentation

From kindergarten to corporate, presentations are a necessity. Wireless Media Presentation streamlines the connection you need to your systems and eliminates the hassles to free you to concentrate on your presentation.

Assistive Listening Systems Large Icon

Assistive Listening Systems

Overcome the challenges of noise, distance, and hearing loss while complying with ADA regulations. Adaptable solutions for any venue allow for greater versatility and inclusiveness in your facility.

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Digital Displays

From interactive flat panels to projectors and massive video walls, digital displays are essential for today's business, education, and entertainment.

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Sound Systems

The ability to be heard is more important than ever. From in-room amplification for lectures to video conferencing around the world, investing in a properly-designed sound system brings your facility into the twenty-first century.

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Video Management Systems

An integral part of the Shanix origin story, video surveillance has come a long way since coaxial cables and recordings on re-writable VHS tapes. Cloud storage and recorders accessible from remote logins allow you to view months of footage from anywhere at any time.

The Shanix Difference
  • Systems designed by our in-house engineering staff
  • Scalability to ensure your multiple rooms or sites are uniform
  • Installation schedules that work for you
  • Dedicated dispatcher and service technicians ready to assist
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