Emergency Operations Centers

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Emergency Operations Centers—also known as command and control centers or dispatch posts⁠—are the center of operations for an organization's security forces.

Dedicated Watch
Facilities with dedicated onsite security personnel also require dedicated workspaces. Multi-channel monitors or video walls show camera feeds and system alarms including propped doors, unusual motion, or denied-access alarms. Dispatch can send nearby officers to an area with unusual activity. Because command watch can see in real-time, incident response can begin sooner, especially in areas where physical patrol is difficult or restricted. In situations requiring evacuation or sheltering in place, the command center can utilize Mass Notification Systems, whether with an auditory broadcast over loudspeakers or through text alerts.

Everyday Operations
Much like any other organizational facility, emergency operations centers can utilize a variety of digital displays and control panels in conference and briefing rooms. A variety of sources can be displayed including operator computers, CCTV cameras, television tuners, facility monitoring software, video conferencing codes and many others.

Critical Missions
Beyond civilian operations, military command and control centers require precise capabilities and protections. Security and fail-safes are top priority to ensure that critical missions are executed flawlessly. Experienced security and audiovisual integrators like those at Shanix are necessary to ensure all systems are correctly and will work in sync.

Products for Dispatch Centers

Mass Notification Systems Large Icon

Mass Notification Systems

From inclement-weather cancellations to chemical leaks; every organization should have not only a system in place to deal with the change, but also a system in place to communicate what needs to be done and by whom.

Integrated Security Systems Large Icon

Integrated Security Systems

Specifically designed around your needs, with detailed precision geared toward long-term usability. Combining access control, intrusion detection, and video recording and analytics to create the optimal system for your facility.

Paging and PA Systems Large Icon

Paging and PA Systems

Paging systems provide primarily one-way and limited two-way communication throughout a facility, typically used for making announcements or providing background music to common areas. One-way communications are most advantageous in areas where employees may not be able to answer a direct call.

Sound Systems Large Icon

Sound Systems

The ability to be heard is more important than ever. From in-room amplification for lectures to video conferencing around the world, investing in a properly-designed sound system brings your facility into the twenty-first century.

Video Intercoms Large Icon

Video Intercoms

Increasingly found in school security systems, apartment complexes, and hospital wings; video intercoms and wall- or desktop-mounted receivers allow users to control access into any area.

Digital Displays Large Icon

Digital Displays

From interactive flat panels to projectors and massive video walls, digital displays are essential for today's business, education, and entertainment.

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