Classroom Technology

Advancing education with integrated technology

Access control
Schools are being made safer with access control video intercoms at main entrances and intrusion detection such as door position switches, motion detection, and glass break sensors. Monitoring common areas with video analytics allows for unusual activity alerts from throughout the whole campus, day and night. School resource officers can better track direction and volume of traffic flow, crowd management, and audit trails with unified interfacing between CCTV, access control, and intrusion systems. Student ID cards with access control credentials, combined with video analytics, keep track of students on campus and ensure a match between the card issued and identity of the user. Surveillance in parking lots and outside of buildings also ensure a high level of safety and policy enforcement.

Interactive Learning
As educational research advances, new focus on active learning is replacing the old, passive style of lectures to large groups. All ages benefit from hands-on engagement with the materials at hand, either physically or virtually. Interactive flat panels both wall-mounted in classrooms and mounted on mobile carts allow students to engage in both large and small groups. Wireless infrastructure and unified communications allow for a more collaborative atmosphere among students.

Informational Alerts
Scheduling software and digital displays combine to keep students informed and on time. Further integrations with paging systems share critical and educational messaging with the student body and support direct communication to administrators across the entire facility. Alert systems allow for audible and visual notifications, informational broadcasts, or directions during emergency situations.

Products for Classroom Technology

Paging and PA Systems Large Icon

Paging and PA Systems

Paging systems provide primarily one-way and limited two-way communication throughout a facility, typically used for making announcements or providing background music to common areas. One-way communications are most advantageous in areas where employees may not be able to answer a direct call.

Mass Notification Systems Large Icon

Mass Notification Systems

From inclement-weather cancellations to chemical leaks; every organization should have not only a system in place to deal with the change, but also a system in place to communicate what needs to be done and by whom.

Assistive Listening Systems Large Icon

Assistive Listening Systems

Overcome the challenges of noise, distance, and hearing loss while complying with ADA regulations. Adaptable solutions for any venue allow for greater versatility and inclusiveness in your facility.

Scheduling Systems Large Icon

Scheduling Systems

Use your organizational calendar to set aside time in specific rooms, schedule meetings based on space availability, and create alerts for shift or class changes. Integrate seamlessly with digital displays, paging systems, and room controls.

Integrated Security Systems Large Icon

Integrated Security Systems

Specifically designed around your needs, with detailed precision geared toward long-term usability. Combining access control, intrusion detection, and video recording and analytics to create the optimal system for your facility.

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Video Conferencing

Face-to-face communication with colleagues and clients anywhere in the world, even while remaining distant, is easily achievable with video conferencing.

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